Claims for the establishment, continuation, variation and cancellation of an agricultural employment relationship with small tenant farmers and family participants

What is it?+

Small tenant farmers are those who sign with a granting party a contract of an associative nature in order to work, for a number of days less than 120, in land cultivation and / or the breeding of livestock.

Family participants are those parties who, by virtue of contractual agreements, undertake to contribute in the partnership part or all of the work of the family unit, to meet the needs of employment with regard to cultivated land.

Who is it aimed at?+

Workers associated with agriculture small tenant farmers and family participants (PC/CF).

How does it work?+

Claim +

The submission of a claim for the establishment, continuation, variation and termination of relationships of small tenant farmers and family participants takes place online using the ACC form. 1 PC/CF.
The form must contain the company and crop data deemed useful for calculating work requirements which will serve as the basis for contributions to be paid. For social security and welfare contributions, the calculation of days worked by family participants and small tenant farmers, is carried out by applying the average employment values of labour per single crop and for each head of cattle deducible from the provincial hectare-crop table, or the average employment values pursuant to Art. 9 quinquies, par. 15 of Law No. 608 of 28 November 1996.

The following documentation must be attached to the statement:

  • joint participation contract or of small tenant farmers as a certified copy or concluded with the assistance of trade union organizations of workers and agricultural employers;
  • land registry certificates of land assigned under concession;
  • family statuses of the grantor and the concessionaire.

Evidence is usually sufficient for processing the claim. Small tenant farmers and family participants are registered, as well as employed agricultural workers, in annual nominative lists.

Processing time of the measure+

The ordinary time limit for issuing measures is set by Law No. 241/1990 at 30 days. In some cases the law may set different deadlines. The table shows the deadlines exceeding 30 days, established by the Institute by means of Regulations.

In addition to the deadlines for issuing the measure, the table also indicates the person responsible for it.

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