Quantification claim for a TFS/TFR financial advance

What is it?+

A financial advance on the Leaving Indemnity for Civil Servants (TFS) and on the Severance Indemnity (TFR) is a loan that allows users to obtain part or all of their accrued, though not paid, indemnity (if not exceeding €45,000), without having to wait the normal period.

Who is it aimed at?+

A financial advance may be claimed by civil servants who have left the service and who have or have had access, before the date of entry into force of Decree-Law no. 4 of 28 January 2019, to their pension with the requirements of the Quota 100, or based on Art. 24 of Law 214/2011.

On the other hand, those who have left or will leave the service without pension rights, the personnel of the Armed Forces, the Police Forces and the National Fire Department cannot obtain a loan.

How does it work?+


Citizens can submit a quantification claim for a financial advance through one of the two dedicated online services, depending on whether the applicants are on the TFS or TFR scheme:

  • Simulation of TFS or submission of TFS quantification clai
  • Quantification claim of severance indemnity (TFR) for Civil servants and Declaration of beneficiaries/heirs for severance indemnity (TFR) payment - claim

Alternatively, they can submit their claim through patronage institutes.

When filling out the application, after selecting the claim for “Financial Advance Decree-Law no. 4/2019”, applicants must indicate the bank chosen for the loan transaction and declare that they have had access to the pension according to the specified requirements.

Other information+

For further details, the following documents can be consulted:

  • INPS circular no. 130 of 17 November 2020 (operational instructions on the financial advance);/li>
  • INPS circular no. 131 of 17 November 2020 (Guarantee Fund for access to loans);
  • message no. 4315 of 17 November 2020 (procedures for submitting a quantification claim).

Processing times of the decision+

The ordinary deadline for issuing the measures is set at 30 days under Law no. 241/1990. In some cases, the law may set different deadlines./p>

The table shows the deadlines exceeding thirty days, set by the Institute with a Regulation.

In addition to the terms for the issuance of the decision, the table also indicates the relevant manager.

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