Contributions Account Statement

  • Procedure steps
    Access via authentication, search for Contributions Account Statement service, insert Tax Identification Number, display Account Statement, print (if necessary), exit service.

  • Login details, identification, and signature required by the procedure
    Public Digital Identity System (SPID), Electronic Identity Card (CIE), National Service Card (CNS).

  • Type and format of documentary evidence
    Consultation procedure. The procedure allows you to download, save and print pdf documents on your device.

  • Means of redress or appeals
    Reports relating to possible inconsistencies/irregularities can be submitted: Fa.Se. (Reports Dossier) for Private Management and RVPA (Application for changes to insurance status) for Public Management.

  • The applicable fees and the online methods of payment
    Free service.

  • Estimated deadlines and timeframes
    Consultation synchronous online service always available.

  • Any rules concerning a lack of reply from the competent authority
    The procedure is always available (24 hours). To report any problem please send an email to:

  • Any additional languages in which the procedure can be carried out
    The procedure is available only in Italian.

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