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CIE - Electronic Identity Card

Publication: 31/05/2022

In addition to using a device PIN, SPID (Public Digital Identity System) or CNS (National services Card) to access the My Inps Area and the INPS's online services, you can also log in using an Electronic Identity Card (CIE).

You can claim a CIE from your municipality of residence. In order to use the CIE as a means of authentication, you will need a smartphone.

The CIE provides access to the:

  • Inps services available in the Inps Mobile App;
  • Desktop Inps services available in the portal, by activating your CIE using the CIE ID app of the Italian Polygraphic Institute;
  • To access INPS web and mobile services using your CIE, please consult the instructions in the Tutorial (pdf 2.7MB).