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Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (INPS) is the center of the Italian welfare state.

Established in 1898, with the foundation of the National Insurance Fund for the invalidity and old age of workers, INPS gradually came to manage almost all of the Italian welfare, insuring the majority of self-employed workers and employees of the public and private sector.

The Institute's portal offers users all the information on services and social benefits, guaranteeing a simple and effective browsing experience.
The contents relating to the services are organized into four macro-areas: "Pensions and Welfare", "Work", "Support, Subsidies and Allowances" and "Enterprises and Freelancers". These, in turn, are divided into numerous categories and sub-categories.

The portal responds to an incremental logic, new and advanced systems for organizing and displaying content will be introduced over time. The same incremental logic accompanies the multilingual portal, whose range of information will become ever richer.


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