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Credentials to access services

Publication: 31/05/2022

Every PIN code issued by the Institute on 1 October 2020 and still in force during the transitional period lost its validity on 30 September 2021. This is established by INPS Circular No. 127 of 12 August 2021.

All other users can access the services offered by INPS using one of the accepted authentication systems:

  • Public Digital Identity System (SPID);
  • Electronic Identity Card (CIE);
  • National services Card (CNS).


From 1 October 2021, INPS will issue a PIN as a credential for access to the Institute's services only to citizens resident abroad who do not hold an Italian identity document.

Users are therefore requested to obtain, if they have not already done so, any of the above-mentioned authentication systems which are all equivalent.

Delegation of digital identity

Citizens who are unable to use INPS online services independently may delegate a trusted person to exercise their rights in relation to the Institute.

This new feature was introduced by INPS Circular No. 127 of 12 August 2021, providing a tool that allows the delegate to access online services on behalf of the delegating party (one or more up to a maximum of three).

The claim for registration of the delegation must be submitted to the head office by the delegating party (Form AA08), or by the delegate but only if the delegating party is unable to go to the head office for health reasons (Form AA09).

The forms required for delegation, in this case, are as follows:

  • Digital Identity Delegation Registration Claim;
  • Digital Identity Delegation Registration Claim for those unable to go to the INPS office for health reasons.


The delegation of digital identity is the tool through which also guardians, curators, support administrators and those exercising parental authority can exercise the rights of their respective representatives and minors.

The claim, in this case, may be submitted directly by the delegating party.

The form required for delegation, in this case, is as follows:

  • Digital Identity Delegation Registration Claim for Parents of Minors, Guardians, Curators and Support Administrators.


The maximum number of three delegations under the same delegate does not apply to guardians, curators and support administrators. These subjects may also submit the documents, digitally signed, via a PEC (certified email) to the territorially competent facility.


The delegator in possession of SPID, CNS or CIE credentials may register or revoke a delegation to a trusted person directly online, with the effects referred to in the INPS Circular No. 127 of 12 August 2021, by accessing the MyINPS reserved area, section 'Deleghe identità digitali' ('Digital Identity Delegations’) (’Delega SPID su SPID’).

According to the provisions of message no. 171 of 13 January 2022, a parent exercising parental responsibility may also register or revoke directly online a delegation in his or her own name for the exercise of the rights of the minor child, without the need to go to an INPS territorial facility.
Likewise, it is possible to revoke a delegation already registered at the office.

The delegation registered online is immediately active and will have a minimum duration of 30 days, within which it cannot be revoked online, but only at an INPS counter.