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FAQ - Using the Site

Publication: 31/05/2022

What is the "MyINPS" area? And what's it for?

"MyINPS" is the personal and customizable area that collects and organizes your preferences, deadlines and notifications. You can access your personal " MyINPS" area by entering your login details for accessing the services.

While navigating the portal, you can save news, forms, information on different subjects (guidelines, services, insights), glossary terms, etc., by clicking on the heart-shaped symbol made available with each item.

Based on the preferences stated, the portal automatically interprets your interests and suggests them to you in the dedicated area.

"Your tools", also found in other sections of the portal, is a menu that gives you quick access to the suggested sections, as well as flagging up personal notifications and deadlines.

Use the "Manage Widgets" function at the bottom left to choose which items to customise your "MyINPS" homepage with.

What types of content are there?

The contents of the new INPS portal are divided into guidelines, service information pages and insights.

The guidelines give you introductory information on a topic, suggesting services relevant for you, and related insights, acting as a guide within the portal.


The service information pages, on the other hand, describe a service, providing information on access, requirements, time frames and how to submit applications. Each service information page has a link to the relevant service - you can access this by clicking on the "Access the service" button at the top right.

The insights collect additional details on a given topic (regulatory aspects, charts and calculation criteria).

How can I add a page to my preferences?

You can add a page to your "MyINPS" preferences by using the heart-shaped icon in the content preview and on the page itself (service information pages, guidelines, news, etc.). You must be authorised to perform this operation.

How can I find the services I'm looking for?

There are a number of different ways you can do this.

Search bar. Type at least the first 3 characters of what you are looking for in the search bar (top right of the home page).

Find a benefit Choose the "Benefits and services” option from the main menu (located at the top) and then the “Find the benefit” option. From here, by selecting an item in the "User Profiles" and the "Themes" you can access the list of benefits and services of your interest.

Services Choose the " Benefits and services” option from the main menu (located at the top) and then the "Services” option. From here you can view the entire list of services in alphabetical order, or use the filters for more specific search results. You can also access the list of all our services by clicking on the "Services" option at the bottom of the home page.

Browse by topic/user Choose the " Benefits and services " section from the main menu at the top and then use the "Browse by User" or "Browse by Topic" options to select either a user or topic category, to find the services and provisions that you are interested in.

How can I access a specific service online?

To access a service, select the "Access a service" option, located on all service information pages. Alternatively, go to the "Benefits and services" area, then "Services" and click on the link to the relevant service which will take you directly to the authentication page. You can also go to "Benefits" and select the "Log in" button from the information page preview, thus avoiding the need to navigate the page in detail.

Where can I access the Payment Portal, My Future Pension, the Certification of the withholding agent (CUD), the Citizen's Social Security Portal and the Online Postal box from?

To access the Payments Portal, My Future Pension, the Certification of the withholding agent (CUD), the Citizen's Social Security Portal and the Online Postal Box, select the "Benefits and services" option from the main menu and then go to the "Services" section. From here you can decide whether to select the relevant letter from the alphabetical list or type in the name of the service in full or part, in the search field.

Why can't I access online services?

To access the online services you must be in possession of your login details to access public administration services.

I need specific software, where can I find it?

To find software, select the "Benefits and services" option from the main menu and then go to the "Software" section. Here, you can find a list of software. Choose a user category (e.g. CAF (fiscal assistance centre) and freelance professionals) or select "Search Software" to get a more specific results.

I need a specific form, where can I find it?

To find a form, select the "Benefits and services" option from the main menu and then go to the "Forms" section. Here you will find the latest published forms and the search bar where you can enter a keyword. 

Alternatively, to conduct a specific search, select a topic of your interest (e.g. European Union) from the left menu and fill in the appropriate fields.

I can't find my citizen services. What are my options?

The "citizen" category has been divided into several types of users such as family, workers and pensioners in order to simplify your search and offer you content more suited to your profile. To access the services, you will need to select a specific category of user from those provided on the new portal.

I can't find the services dedicated to Patronage Institutes, CAF (fiscal assistance centre), Job consultants, General practitioners and ASL (Local Health Authority)?

Select the "Benefits and services” option from the main menu and then go to the section "Navigate by user": you will find a list of professional figures on the left. Just select the one you're interested in. 

For example, you can access the patronage institutes services by clicking on the "+" symbol next to the user category " Intermediaries and consultants " and then selecting "Patronage Institutes".

How can I give feedback on a page?

On each information page, you can click on the "Help us improve this page” option. A new window will open where you can give feedback.

Where can I find the free-phone number for contact center, and the various INPS offices?

In the main menu at the top you can find the "Contacts" option. By selecting this, you will find the "Contact Center" option and the "INPS Offices" option, where you can get all the information you need.

What is the “mobile app” section?

In the "Mobile App" section you can find apps for tablets and smartphones provided by INPS. For example, by downloading the "Press Office" app on your mobile device, you can keep up to date with all INPS press releases.

In the previous version of the site I could find my way around through the "How to" section. Where can I find it on the new portal?

In the previous version of the portal you could find information and services by sections entitled "How to...". Now, on the new portal you can consult the guidelines that can be found by clicking on the "To find...” option, provided for each topic or user category. They will help you understand, for example, how to apply for a benefit.