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Access the online services

Publication: 31/05/2022

In this section you will find all the information about the login details needed to access the online services.

You can select any of the following items from the section menu:

  • Credentials to access services;
  • SPID - Public Digital Identity System;
  • CIE- Electronic Identity Card;
  • CNS - National services Card;
  • FAQs - Frequently asked questions;
  • FAQ - Site Use;
  • Online support;
  • Obtaining and managing your PIN.


The Credentials to Access Services area contains information on how to access the services offered by INPS.

By selecting SPID - Public Digital Identity System you can access information about the Public Digital Identity System.

The CIE - Electronic Identity Card area contains the information needed for Electronic Identity Card (CIE) holders to access INPS services.

By selecting the CNS - National services Card item you can access information on the issuance of the Health Card - National services Card (TS-CNS) and find out how to access INPS services using your CNS.

The FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions area lists the answers to users’ most frequently asked questions and provides information to help resolve any queries about applying for SPID - Public Digital Identity System.

The FAQ - Site Use contains answers to the most frequently asked questions from users on the features and information offered by the Institute's site.

The Online Support area lists the contacts you should get in touch with to receive support for SPID request operations.