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Recovering a lost PIN

Publication: 31/05/2022

Reactivating your PIN

If you lose your PIN you can use the online PIN reactivation procedure to get a new one.

To be able to use the reactivation procedure you will need to indicate your tax identification code and, for security reasons, at least two of the contacts entered when you registered, stating either your mobile phone number, email address or certified email address. To confirm the operation, you will need to click on the link in the email or certified email sent to you. Half of the new PIN (16 characters long) will be sent to your mobile phone by SMS and the other half will be sent by email or certified email.

If you have already provided the mobile phone number, email address or certified email address of at least one contact person, you can add another by calling the Contact centre for free on (+39) 803 164 (free of charge from landlines) or (+39) 06 164 164 from a mobile phone (standard mobile network fees apply).

However, we recommend that you keep your personal contacts up to date by using the online procedure for amending PIN contacts, which can be accessed using your PIN.

Blocking your PIN

If you have lost your PIN and are unable to restore it, you can proceed with revocation to prevent its possible use by third parties.

PIN revocation is carried out via the online PIN revocation procedure, providing your tax identification code, national health card data and an email address or PEC (Certified E-Mail address). Alternatively, you can call the Contact centre at the toll-free number 803 164 (free of charge from a landline) or +39 06 164164 from a mobile phone ( charge based on the telephone operator's rate plan).