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Agricultural workers: consultation of FIMI and CAC annual subscriptions

Publication: 25/01/2022

This service allows the consultation of the annual subscriptions to the Integration Fund for Illnesses -Accidents (FIMI) and the Contract Assistance Contribution (CAC) in agriculture, in order to allow provincial inter-trade union committees to verify their issued/collected reports for the contribution in question.

Provincial inter-trade union committees, recipients of the collected FIMI-CAC contribution amounts (INPS circular no. 111 of 14 June 2002), companies, consultants and professionals and category associations can access for this service.

In order for the INPS to send any communication, the user must verify their email address. Once the email address has been confirmed or changed, the list of contributions will be displayed by type (FIMI or CAC). To view the data in more detail, please click on the magnifying glass icon.