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Claim to change the Insurance Position (RVPA) of civil servants

Publication: 25/01/2022

The Claim to Change the Insurance Position (RVPA) represents the instrument whereby the civil servant can report the inaccuracies and errors contained in the Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme Account Statement.

Beneficiaries of the Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme (ex INPDAP) can intervene personally in the process of updating the data of their insurance position.

Using the Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme Account Statement, members enrolled in the Scheme may gain information of the amount of their insurance account, which contains the periods of service useful for pension payments and the related taxable salaries subsequent to 31 December 1992, for the purpose of an assessment of their social security situation and completion via the RVPA tool.

The RVPA must be forwarded if the information document contains lacks or inaccuracies relating to periods of service or taxable remuneration and also in all cases in which a preliminary investigation by INPS is required.

Specific notes to the margin of a period on an Account Statement indicates critical issues on the information present in the database of INPS and, therefore, the interested party is called upon to carry out the appropriate verifications.

The careful examination of the statement must, in any case, take place in the absence of particular notes or notifications, by performing the following steps:

  • read carefully the complete content of the Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme Account Statement (orange section of the Account Statement);
  • consider the information and non-certification value of the data contained;
  • claim, in the event of errors and inaccuracies, an RVPA.

Using the appropriate functions of the procedure, the insertion, modification or cancellation of a period (of service, recognised, or deemed) can be claimed.

The RVPA will be assessed by the relevant INPS office, subject to a specific inquiry, with the contribution of the administration or employer institution.

By selecting the “Richieste di variazione già presentate - [Variation claim already submitted]” menu item, the system displays the list of claims for changes already submitted indicating the processing status and the outcome of the claim.