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Consultation social security account statement for civil servants

Publication: 25/01/2022

The social security account statement is the document that lets public administration dependent workers view benefits accrued on their insurance position, check data listed in the INPS archives that has been submitted by the public administration that employs them, and make a more informed estimate of their prospective social security situation.

The service is intended for public administration dependent workers and private sector dependent workers who have worked for periods in the public sector.

Workers can view their account statement online using appropriate service. If a worker has worked during periods for private and/or public employers and as a self-employed worker, within the Account Statement can view these different sectors in different colours.

The Civil Servants' Pension Scheme Account Statement shows information on service records, any periods redeemed by redemption measures, totalisation of insurance periods or calculation, other periods redeemed by imputed contributions and remunerations eligible for pension purposes after 31 December 1992.

The account statement is for information purposes only and has no certification value. It presents the worker's personal details and sets out a table with information summarising each period concerning:

  • the pension scheme;
  • the type of contribution or employment contract;
  • contributions eligible for both pension calculation and entitlement, expressed in years, months and days;
  • increases;
  • remuneration eligible for pension purposes;
  • administration or employer institution;
  • any notes.

If any footnotes are included on a period of service (effective, redeemed or covered by imputed contributions), this means that the information shown may be subject to further additions, which may be by notice of the enrollee, who may propose the necessary amendments by submitting a Claim to Change the Insurance Position (RVPA).

Both civil servants and private sector dependent workers who have worked for periods in the public sector can view the online contributions statement on the INPS website using the appropriate service or via:

  • contact centre on 803 164 (free for landline calls from Italy) or on +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones;
  • patronage institutes and intermediaries of the institute, using the electronic services that these provide.

These same procedures can be used to submit claims to change the insurance position. Any contribution periods under other schemes can be taken account of and used for pension purposes by claim for aggregation of contributory periods or, on retirement, via one of the other procedures available for combining contribution periods.