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Consultation social security information (CIP) for private employees

Publication: 25/01/2022

Consultation social security information (CIP) is a service that allows you to view, within the required period, a series of information in addition to that present in the Account Statement.

The application is aimed at dependent workers in the non-agricultural private sector.

Through this service, also available on the INPS Mobile app, workers can check the following data for each month and for each employer:

  • the name of the employer;
  • the category of contractual framework of the worker (manager, employee, worker, etc.) and the type of employment relationship (permanent, fixed-term, full-time, part-time, etc.);
  • the taxable remuneration for social security purposes, with evidence of any taxable amount exceeding the maximum;
  • the presence and the amount of adjustments made for Family Allowances (ANF), divided into arrears and current;
  • the presence of adjustments made for permits and leave to protect maternity and paternity, which give the title of imputed credit;
  • the presence of adjustments made for periods of illness which give an imputed credit.

The research can be carried out for a maximum period of 18 months, included between the January 2010 pay period and the second month prior to the date of the research. The information available, which can be exported in PDF and Excel format, does not, however, have a certification value and may not coincide with that present in the Account Statements as the insertion of the contribution in the Records only takes place following verifications made by the Institute.