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Consulting Contribution/Pension Account Statements

Publication: 25/01/2022

The Contribution Account Statement is the document that lists all contributions made to the INPS for workers. It summarises the payments for work, imputed contributions and redemption payments which are broken down depending on the pension management scheme the worker is registered to.

Thanks to the Contribution Account Statement, workers can check that amounts paid autonomously or from their employer are correct and can report any discrepancies to the INPS.

Workers approaching retirement may request a Certification Account Statement from the INPS offices, which includes analytical confirmation with legal value regarding their insurance position.

Workers can consult their on-line account statement using the dedicated service. For workers who have been employed in the private and/or public sector and who have had periods of self-employment, the different sectors are categorised by colour in the statement.

The Social Security Account statement contains the worker’s personal details and, summarised in a table, their social security payments divided by:

  • Period of reference;
  • Type of contribution (from employment, artisan work, trading, military service, etc.);
  • Pension contributions expressed in days, weeks or months, both for calculating the pension amount and for confirming entitlement to the pension;
  • Salary or income;
  • Employer references;
  • Any notes at the end of the Statement.

This service also allows private dependent workers to view and print their salary position from 2005 onwards. After entering their PIN, the user can access the page displaying the list of salary reports grouped by year and, by clicking on the serial number, can access the page displaying details of their annual salary.

The employee can consult their on-line account statement or request a contribution account statement by:

  • Telephoning the contact centre on +39 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones;
  • Electronic services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries thereof.

Within the INPS Account Statement service, users will find their contributions divided depending on the contribution pension scheme they are registered with. For example, the contributions by members of the Compulsory General Insurance (AGO) are included in the Social Security account statement, while those of members of the Separate Pension scheme are summarised in the account statement for insourcing.