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Establishment of one's own insurance position

Publication: 25/01/2022

With the entry into force of Law No. 122 of 31 July 2010, Law No. 322 of 2 April 1958 and the additional provisions (Article 40, of Law No. 1646 of 22 November 1962; Article 124, decree of the President of the Republic No.1092 of 29 December 1973; Article 21, paragraph 4 and article 40, paragraph 3, of Law No. 958 of 24 December 1986) which allowed the establishment of the insurance position with the INPS Dependent Workers’ Pension Fund (FPLD).

With this service, also known as "Outgoing aggregation of insurance periods", the civil servant who ceases service without the right to a pension can establish a contributory position with the INPS FPLD and transfer all periods with the obligation to register with the INPS Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme.

The service is aimed at civil servants enrolled with the CPDEL, CPS, CPI, CPUG or CTPS funds who left service by 30 July 2010 without having obtained the right to a pension.

The repeal of the institution of the establishment of the insurance position entails the possibility for the INPS Civil Servant’s Pension Scheme to assign the right to a retirement or old-age pension, when meeting the minimum prescribed contribution requirements, even if the interested party, upon reaching the minimum age requirement established by law, is no longer in service or the employment relationship has ended.

The effects of the repeal are directly related to the date the entry into force of Law 122/2010 and depend on regulations applicable by virtue of the registration office of the interested parties.

Civil servants’ registered with the Cassa Stato, CTPS INPS Civil Servant’s Pension Scheme (for which the insurance position was established) are subject to the establishment of the insurance position with the INPS FPLD, in the event of terminations prior to 30 July 2010. For the terminations starting from 31 July 2010, the INPS Civil Servant’s Pension Scheme acknowledged on demand, upon reaching the personal data requirement and when meeting the prescribed minimum contribution requirements, the right to pension benefits.

From 1 January 2013, exclusively for those enrolled in the CPDEL, CPS, CPI and CPUG for which the registration under funds without the right to a pension ceased to exist by 30 July 2010, the possibility of making a claim for establishing an insurance position in the FPLD of the compulsory general insurance (article 1, paragraph 238, of Law No. 228 of 24 December 2012) was introduced, which in any case does not give the right to the payment of pension arrears. In the event of death, the above possibility may be exercised by survivors for the purposes of the right and for the amount of the survivor's pension or indirect amount due to them.

For further information, the following documents can be consulted:

  • INPS Circular No. 120 of 6 August, 2013;
  • INDAP Circular No. 18 of 8 October 2010 (pdf 739KB)
  • INDAP Memorandum No. 56 of 22 December 2010 (pdf 352KB)

The claim for the establishment of the insurance position with the FPLD is forwarded online through the dedicated service.

Alternatively, the claim can be made by:

  • calling the contact centre on +39 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or 06 164 164 from mobile phone;
  • online services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries of the Institute.