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Social security box for companies

Publication: 25/01/2022

The Social security box for companies has integrated and made available useful services to provide companies with an overview of their situation and to allow them to verify key information via a single access channel.

The Social security box for companies is reserved for individuals belonging to one of the following categories: consultants (employment consultants, lawyers, chartered accountants, accountants, commercial experts and delegated intermediaries), category associations, companies and legal representatives.

Users can browse for information and examine individual items of interest in turn in order to collect all the business information contained in the various available archives.
The Social security box for companies provides access to:

  • basic personal data;
  • detailed personal data;
    • associated companies;
    • companies with the same tax code;
    • reference position (of parent company);
    • associated subjects;
    • self-employed worker positions;
    • list of interruptions;
    • previous company names;
    • company branches;
  • additional data:
    • credits/non-compliances;
    • claims for Wage Compensation Fund (CIG) and Extraordinary Wage Compensation Fund (CIGS);
    • adjustment notes;
    • submitted E-mens;
    • comparing DM10-01M information;
    • client 10%;
    • summary of supervisory inspections;
    • entry in cause list;
    • deferments of file;
    • deferment claims;
    • inter-company funds;
    • hybrid mail;
  • InfoCamere data;
  • printing of the complete dossier.

The regularity of contributions can also be verified.
Within the Social security box for companies is a “Two-way communication” service for use by companies, institutional intermediaries and INPS, with the main goal of creating a structured method of communication aimed at logging communications, reducing response times and using resources to facilitate relations with the Institute and with other structures present in the region.
The features of the Social security box for companies relate to the following areas: “Communications” and “Appointments Calendar”.
In the “Communications” area companies can, either directly or via their institutional intermediaries, carry out the following activities:

  • send general claims or communications to the relevant office via a specific link. In this case, the claim entails opening a new generic-informational back-office query;
  • send a specific claim or communication regarding a well-defined area among those present (e.g. contribution regularity, DM transmitted, F24, contribution subsidies, etc.) to the relevant office;
  • attach supporting documentation to the claim. This function allows users to upload a maximum of three files that will be attached to the query as a compressed file;
  • view the status of their claim (either open, in progress or closed) in accordance with the status of the respective back-office query;
  • view any comments entered by the operators when the status of the query was changed as well as the final response;
  • access the history of their claims by searching with suitable search terms (serial number, subject of the claim, status of the claim, date claim opened and last update date) and view the detail;
  • create claims related to and in response to previously submitted claims;
  • receive real-time communications, via email and SMS, regarding the registration and forwarding of the back-office query to the relevant office and its subsequent closure.

In the "Appointments calendar" area, companies, either directly or through their institutional intermediaries, can carry out the following activities: scheduling an appointment at the company's registered office, selecting a day and a time from those offered by the service and sending any supporting documentation to reduce the time needed for the appointment; email and SMS reminders will be sent for scheduled appointments.

The Social security box for companies contains a "Contacts” link displaying contact information.

The Social security box for companies is also available in the "INPS Mobile Services" app, allowing users to perform the following tasks via mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) equipped with iOS and Android operating systems: manage “two-way communications" with the Institute (changes in company data, F24 submission, reporting of corrections, etc..) with data and documents sent to INPS located in the web portal’s social security box; use the "Appointments calendar" to claim an appointment at the relevant office in order to resolve any issues.
The app is integrated with the system that manages the company delegations. Each delegated intermediary will be able to view the files of all client companies.