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Social Security Box for self-employed agricultural workers

Publication: 25/01/2022

The Social Security Box for self-employed agricultural workers is a service that allows farm owners and their intermediaries to consult and verify the status of their farm (personal data, company accounting data, F24 payments, debt situation, collection folders, etc.).

It also represents the online two-way communication channel between self-employed agricultural workers and INPS, through which it is possible to send claims and receive communications from INPS.

The service is intended for self-employed agricultural workers.

Specifically, it allows:

  • access to choosing position, delegated legislator and company; 
  • consultation of personal data and farm accounting data;
  • monitoring of contribution payments carried out and reprinting of F24 forms;
  • verification of the debt situation and the collection folders;
  • consultation of the procedures for sending online claims for exemption, suspension, deferment and reimbursement, spontaneous regularisation, re-issuance of F24 and reduction of civil penalties; 
  • consultation of the delegations received and the delegations issued with all the details (type of delegation, delegate, termination/reactivation, etc.). 

The individual concerned may access the social security box for self-employed agricultural workers online by using the dedicated service.