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Social Security Box for self-employed individuals

Publication: 25/01/2022

The Social Security Box is specifically for self-employed individuals and allows them to communicate with the INPS.

The service is available to self-employed individuals (or their intermediaries) who are required to pay in contributions to the Separate Pension Scheme.

Using the Social Security Box, self-employed individuals can:

  • view their personal details on record;
  • view their debts/credits situation;
  • view their insurance status (Unex statements and Separate Pension Scheme accounts);
  • view the list of payments made;
  • see the status of entries on tax rolls (record statements/ debt advice notices);
  • electronically submit claims for reductions of civil fines, refunds or instalment payment;
  • send or respond to messages received from the INPS using the two-way communication feature.