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Authorisation to pay voluntary contributions for public sector workers

Publication: 01/02/2022

Voluntary contributions are all types of contributions paid at the claim of the policy holder who wishes to continue the contribution in order to reach pension eligibility or to increase its amount in the event of interruption or termination of employment relationship.

This refers to leave for study or family reasons, interruptions for disciplinary reasons, or for discontinuous, seasonal or part-time work.

Voluntary contributions can be paid by workers registered with INPS' Civil Servants' Pension Scheme with at least a five-year proven track record of paid contributions or three years of payments in the five years preceding the claim.

A reduction of the minimum contribution requirement from three years to one is envisaged to voluntarily cover periods between employment relationships in the case of discontinuous, seasonal or temporary work, as well as periods of non-work regarding horizontal, vertical or cyclical part-time work.

The contribution amount is determined by INPS' Civil Servants' Pension Scheme and the payments must be carried out by the individual concerned within the quarter following the reference quarter.

The voluntary contribution may also be paid for the six months preceding the date of the submission of the authorisation claim.

From 04 April 2013, the claim must be submitted to INPS online through the dedicated service.