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Calculation of working periods in the public sector

Publication: 14/01/2022

The calculation makes it possible, upon claim and without cost for the applicant, to add value to periods of employment with the State and other public institutes, whose contribution was paid to the General Compulsory Insurance (AGO) or other directions, for pension purposes.

The calculation is established in accordance with the regulations laid down for Civil Servants, registered with the CTPS.

Article 11 of Presidential Decree no. 1092 of 29 December 1973 provides for the calculation of non-routine services rendered to the State with registration with the AGO or with special pension funds.
Article 12, Presidential Decree 1092/1973 makes it possible to calculate tenured and non-tenured services provided by the legislative assemblies of local regional institutes, parastatal institutes or public law institutes and institutes subject to State supervision or protection.
Article 15, Presidential Decree 1092/1973, on the other hand, establishes that services, however provided and which qualify supervisors or non-statutory supervisors for classification in State authorities, are calculated on claim.
The assessment shall be based on either Article 11 or Article 14, as appropriate, according to whether the periods in question were completed with or without AGO membership.
The calculation claim for services under Presidential Decree No. 1092/1973 may be withdrawn by the applicant before the Institute issues its recognition decision; it follows that the waiver of periods of service to be included in the calculation, rendered through membership of the Compulsory General Insurance or other funds, is admissible until the Institute issues its formal calculation provision.

When can I claim?

The services calculation claim(s) may be submitted while the employee is still working or within the mandatory deadline of 90 days from the termination date of the employment relationship.
Where the termination occurs due to age, the calculation claim(s) must be submitted at least two years prior to the age-related termination of the employment relationship (former Inpdap Circular No. 38 of 11 June 2004 and INPS announcement No. 7101 of 23 November 2015).
From 31 July 2010 the calculation claim(s) may also be submitted by the registered policy holder, i.e. the person leaving employment without entitlement to a pension.

How can I claim?

The calculation claim to INPS must be submitted online by using the dedicated service.
Alternatively, can be made by:

  • phoning the Contact Centre on +39 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones;
  • telematic services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries of thereof.