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Contributions from officials of local authorities

Publication: 14/01/2022

Officials of local authorities, after various regulatory measures, are registered with the Separate Pension Scheme and treated as coordinative and continuous collaborators, both procedurally and operationally.

The following local officials are entitled to contributions:

  • mayors;
  • presidents of provinces, mountain communities, municipalities associations and local authority consortia;
  • councillors from provinces and municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants;
  • presidents of municipality councils with more than 50,000 inhabitants, provincial councils, and district councils.

According to Article 86, consolidating act of local authorities, local officials that, on taking up their duties, are employed and registered with a social security pension scheme, or who are not employed but are on paid leave, are entitled to have their contributions paid directly into their scheme by the local authorities.<7p>

On the other hand local officials who are not employed are entitled to a previously established amount paid in monthly instalments.

The contributions can be paid to INPS online by using the dedicated service.