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Access to the service for paying redemptions, aggregation of insurance periods and incomes

Publication: 31/01/2022

The online service allows the contributions’ payment of redemptions, aggregations of insurance periods and incomes through “Pagamento immediato pagoPA” [pagoPA immediate payment], which makes it possible to pay contributions via credit, debit or prepaid card or by debiting the user’s account.

The service available on the “Payment Portal” is aimed at those who need to pay contributions of redemptions, aggregations of insurance periods and incomes.

Through the “Payment Portal” it is also possible to:

  • issue MAV [automated payment by advice] slips online for the payment of the contributions in question;
  • view and print the MAV slips;
  • view and print receipts of payments made online or via Reti Amiche/MAV/RID/SDD/pagoPA.

As an alternative to the online service, contributions may also be paid at Reti Amiche tobacconists (Lottomatica and Unicredit SpA bank) that display the INPS Services logo.

Users may receive clarifications on regulatory aspects, procedures or information on individual practices by telephoning the Contact Centre on +39 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +3906 164 164 from mobile phones, or contacting their territorially competent INPS office.