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Claim for redemption for TFR / TFS purposes for State dependent workers

Publication: 31/01/2022

Redemption consists in the evaluation of periods not covered by contribution for accrual purposes of the TFS or TFR, following the payment of a charge to be borne by the applicant.

Claims for redemption of periods for TFR/TFS purposes are submitted by State dependent workers through the administration they belong to.

To process claims of their dependent workers, the administrations must scan the claim submitted by the holder, filled in and signed in all sections, and certify periods covered by the claim itself. The administration operator then submits the claim online to INPS through the dedicated service.
For questions regarding the new system, institutes may contact the email address, stating in the subject “Claim for redemption for TFS/TFR - State”.


  • INPS Circular No. 43 of 21 March 2013;
  • Redemption form for TFS/TFR purposes - State for the use of the subscriber (pdf 778 Kb);
  • User Manual (pdf 647 Kb).