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Claim for redemption of TFR or TFS periods for civil servants of local institutions, regions and healthcare

Publication: 31/01/2022

The redemption for the purpose of Severance Indemnity (TFR) allows to give a cash value to the working period. As established by the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 20 December 1999, the sum has value as severance indemnity or as a reconciliation based on the choice made by the worker during their employment.

The redemption for Leaving indemnity for civil servants (TFS) purposes allows to quantify the value of services and periods not covered by the mandatory social security contribution.

Civil servants with severance indemnity still active who, on the date of May 30, 2000, had a fixed-term contract may claim the redemption of the TFR.

Civil and military civil servants hired on permanent contracts before 31 December, 2000 and permanent non-contractual staff (soldiers, university professors and researchers, magistrates and diplomatic personnel) can claim the redemption of the TFS as a severance pay for civil servants.

Dependent workers of local authorities, the National Health Service and other institutes registered with the former INADEL social security fund hired on a permanent contract before 31 December, 2000, can claim the redemption of the TFS as a service bonus allowance for civil servants in relation to services performed outside of their duties before 2 April 1968.

Dependent workers who wish to obtain redemption must pay a contribution entirely at their own expense, established by a coefficient based on the following elements:

  • annual payment received when submitting the claim;
  • employee's age;
  • age of retirement due to age or service limitations for the qualification or degree covered;
  • redemption period granted.

The redemption claim must be submitted by the worker when he/she is still in service.

State dependent workers enrolled in the ex ENPAS pension scheme must submit the redemption claim to the administration where they are registered through specific on-line forms. The administration, using its own credentials to access the service, will forward the redemption.

Dependent workers of local authorities and health care staff enrolled in the ex INADEL pension scheme must complete and send the claim on-line through the dedicated on-line service.

For further information, it is possible to consult the following documents:

  • periods that can be redeemed for TFR purposes;
  • redeemable periods for severance pay for civil servants;
  • redeemable periods for service bonus allowance for civil servants.

The redemption claim to INPS must be submitted online using the dedicated service.