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Consultation of the record of active workers

Publication: 13/01/2022

The Record of active workers manages the general registry of social security situations of all categories of workers.

The service is aimed at workers in the public and private sectors and self-employed workers.

The central Record of active social security situations has been established at INPS with Law no. 243 of 23 August 2004. Its function is to manage the registry of insurance situations of all categories of workers (public sector, private sector and self-employed workers).

The Record Database is based on a technological infrastructure provided by INPS and is supplied by all social security institutes. One of its possible functions is to send an integrated contribution statement, a prospectus that contains pension data relating to the entirety of an individual's working life.

It is possible to consult the Record of active workers online on the INPS website by using the dedicated service.

For further information, please refer to Regulations - The Portal of the current law.