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ISEE Information System (SII)

Publication: 13/01/2022

The ISEE Information System (SII) is a database set up and managed by the INPS in technical and IT terms and contains ISEE indicators which serve to assess a household's financial situation.

Authorities are required to use the SII to check the value of Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE) in order to grant users access to social security benefits.

By means of INPS Circular No 73 of 10 April 2015, operative guidelines were provided on formulating claims to access the database, either online or via practical cooperation between information systems, which must be submitted to the competent regional INPS directorate managing administrative procedures and preparatory technical/IT procedures.

Once they receive authorisation to access the database, the authority can view ISEE values, household compositions, and where necessary, analytical information on Single Substitute Statement (DSU).

The authority obtains this information for the purposes of establishing whether requirements have been fulfilled for welfare, social security and indemnity compensation to continue to be awarded, as well as to verify any information that was self-declared by the claimant. In this instance, if this information is found to be untrue, the authority will take any consequent action, including reporting any false declarations to the competent regional INPS office.