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Lists of agricultural employees

Publication: 13/01/2022

Every year, in accordance with current legislation, the INPS publishes the lists of agricultural employees, which entitle those showing therein to social security and welfare benefits.

The publication of the lists concerns fixed-term agricultural employees.

The INPS annually includes in the lists the names of agricultural employees based on contributory and salary data reported through the DMAG/POSAGRI form.

For all legal purposes, the publication has the effect of notification to those concerned.

With effect from 23 July 2020 – date of release of the information note published in the Official Gazette of 23 July 2020, no. 184 about Article 43, para. 7, of Decree-Law no. 76/2020 – changes in working days, occurred after the completion and publication of the first list of changes for 2020, are individually notified to the workers concerned by registered letter or certified email.