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Management of delegations of artisans and traders enrolled in the AGO Special Pension Scheme, of Clients and Professionals enrolled in the Separate Pension Scheme

Publication: 02/02/2022

The INPS allows self-employed workers to carry out employment, social security and welfare procedures online.

The service can be used by:

  • intermediaries pursuant to Law No 12 of 11 January 1979;
  • tax advisers;
  • any other party legitimately delegated.

Clients, professionals, intermediaries as referred to in law No 12 of 11 January 1979, tax advisers and any other person legitimately delegated by the client, the professional worker or the self-employed person registered with the artisans' and traders' managements,  and any other specified parties can access the online service as representatives for the purposes of carrying out procedures pertaining to employment, social security, the electronic submission of social security documents (INPS Circular No 126 of 7 August 2013) and welfare on behalf of self-employed workers enrolled on Special Schemes for artisans and workers carrying out business activities (Message No. 18543 of 13 November 2012) who are enrolled on the Separate Pension Scheme (Law No 335 of 8 August 1995).