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Mandate and delegation to the Fiscal Assistance Centre (CAF) to complete the Single Substitute Statement (DSU) and the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE)

Publication: 02/02/2022

Under the Convention stipulated with CAF concerning ISEE, INPS renders available two forms relating to the mandate -form A (pdf 14.3KB) and to the delegation -form B (pdf 14.7KB).

Both forms must be completed by the signatory of the DSU, in order to legitimise the work of the CAF.

By means of a mandate, the declarant grants to the CAF the assignment to carry out certain activities.

By means of a delegation, the declarant entrusts another person to claim from CAF in its name and on its behalf the performance of certain activities.

The mandate and the delegation must be completed so as to claim that the CAF carry out the following activities:

  • assistance in the compilation of the DSU;
  • receive the DSU and verify its completeness;
  • transmit the DSU to INPS;
  • release of the certificate indicating the ISEE, the contents of the DSU as well as of the information elements necessary to calculate the indicator acquired by the administrative archives of INPS and the Revenue Agency;
  • access the declaration list, made available by INPS, to check the existence of another DSU, submitted by the same declarant and/or certificates showing the ISEE, already calculated;
  • access the declaration list in order to view and acquire the details of the DSU, referring to another household essential for the calculation of particular ISEE indicators;
  • claim to black-out the DSU to INPS after the issuance of the statement showing the ISEE.

The delegation form must enclose a copy of a valid identity document of the delegator and of the representative, whilst the form for the mandate needs only to enclose a copy of a valid identity document of the principal.

The claim to black-out the DSU to INPS after the release of the certificate reporting the ISEE must enclose the original declaration to INPS certifying that the DSU had not been used for the purpose of obtaining a favourable social benefit.