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Strings of issuance of RED campaigns and declarations of responsibility

Publication: 02/02/2022

Each year, the INPS requires holders of a civilian invalidity benefit to certify whether or not they meet the administrative requirements provided for by law for their recognition (Article 1, Law no. 662 of 23 December 1996 and Law no. 247 of 24 December 2007).

Citizens who receive benefits related to civilian invalidity and recipients of the social allowance/pension must submit a declaration of responsibility.

Civilian invalids in receipt of a constant attendance allowance or monthly allowance must submit the Civilian Invalidity Hospitalisation Form (ICRIC form) for declarations relating to any free admissions, and the Civilian Invalidity Work Form (ICLAV form) for declarations on the performance of work activities.

In the event of mental or physical disability, and in the absence of a guardian/trustee, no declaration is required but, pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 254 of Law no. 662/1996, a medical certificate indicating the pathologies must be delivered to the territorially competent structure.

Minors in receipt of both constant and child attendance allowances must submit the ICRIC form to declare any periods of hospitalisation or, for minors aged between 5 and 16 years, compulsory school attendance or that of outpatient centres.

For minors between 5 and 16 years of age the following must be declared:

  • termination of school attendance;
  • change of school regarding the previous school year;
  • transfer to another academic institution;
  • progress to the next level. In such a case the new academic institution's references must be indicated (school name, full address, tax fiscal code or VAT number, email or certified email address).

Recipients of the social pension must submit the Verification of the Requirements for a Social Allowance or Pension Form (Form ACC. AS/PS) to declare residence in Italy.

Recipients of the social allowance must submit form ACC. AS/PS to declare their residence in Italy and any possible free admissions.

The declarations of responsibility are submitted online through the dedicated service or with the collaboration of authorised intermediaries. Alternatively, submissions can be made by phoning the Contact Centre on +39 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones.

CAFs [Fiscal Assistance Centres] and other individuals authorised for tax assistance, as referred to in the Italian Legislative Decree no. 241 of 09 July 1997 and subsequent amendments, if they meet the requirements, are entitled to enter into agreements based on the approved scheme. The authorised individual must be in possession of a valid digital Entratel certificate, issued by the Italian Revenue Agency.

The agreements are concluded with the metropolitan or provincial INPS managements with local jurisdiction over the place where the applicant's head office is located.

The online procedure allows the following forms to be submitted:

  • ICRIC for the hospitalisation of persons receiving civilian invalidity benefits;
  • ICRIC Frequenza for the hospitalisation of recipients of child attendance allowances and for information on attendance at an educational establishment;
  • ICLAV for the performance of work activities or absence thereof for recipients of civilian invalidity benefits;
  • ACC. AS/PS for the existence of the requirement of permanent and continuous residence in Italy for recipients of social pension, social allowance and substitute for civilian invalidity;
  • ACC. AS/PS for the admission conditions for persons entitled to the social allowance substituting the civilian invalidity allowance.

The annual submitting of declarations of responsibility is compulsory for the provision of care services. If the user is in default, they can also view reminders of previous years' statements online for regularisation.

From 2015, declarations may no longer be sent in paper form.