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Creation of a QR-Code for civilian invalids certifying their status

Publication: 08/09/2022

The service for the “Creation of a QR-Code for registered civilian invalids certifying their status” is an application that allows a QR-Code (Quick Response Code) to be generated that contains information on the invalidity of the applicant and allows them to certify their status without having to carry with them and without having to show the last report they received.

A QR-Code is a particular matrix code, nowadays very widespread, able to store information that can be read and interpreted by “mobile” devices (smartphones, tablets). Coupled with their tax identification code, the QR-Code allows holders to certify their invalidating status and thus have access to the advantages and any benefits reserved for invalid persons (discounts, exemptions, preferential access, assistance services, tax reliefs, etc.), without having to submit their entire report.

The service is aimed at all persons for whom there is a definitive health judgment in the INPS archives of civilian invalidity, who need to certify their invalidity status to have access to advantages, exemptions and discounts provided by law by public bodies (Revenue Agency, Regions, Municipalities) and private entities.

A non-exhaustive list of advantages (pdf 127KB) that can be granted by central and local government departments is available for consultation.

The service automatically generates the code in real-time, directly in PDF format. The code can then be printed, sent, saved on one’s computer or mobile device and retrieved at any time. Once the QR-Code has been obtained, the citizen can show it together with their tax identification code.

To learn more, citizens can consult the User Tutorial for invalid persons (pdf 1145KB).

First-Level Outcome

Service providers for whom the invalidity check is required to grant benefits can read the code through any QR-Code reader and, by entering the tax identification code of the impaired citizen, check the status of civilian invalidity, civilian blindness, deafness, disability or handicap.

Second-Level Outcome

It is also possible to obtain a more in-depth outcome for the granting of certain types of benefits that require the interested party’s health judgment and degree of civilian invalidity to be known with the percentage (if indicated).

In this case, a service provider needs to frame the QR-Code with any reading device, by following the instructions, and then authenticate himself/herself with his/her credentials and enter the OTP code that the system will automatically generate and send to the mobile number indicated to the INPS database by the person concerned.

For more details, a Tutorial for operators of public bodies and private entities is available (pdf 781KB).