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Monthly care allowance for disabled people with a reduced ability to work who are in financial need

Publication: 15/02/2022

The monthly allowance is an economic benefit, paid upon claim, for individuals who have been recognised as having a partial reduction in their working ability (from 74% to 99%) and with an income lower than the thresholds annually provided for by law.

The allowance is due for partially disabled individuals aged between 18 and 67 years, with a reduction in their working ability between 74 and 99%, that meet the legal health and administrative requirements.

Start date and duration

To be entitled to the financial allowance, the citizen must make a claim for their health conditions to be recognised by submitting a claim via the Legal disability - Send application for the recognition of health requirements service.

Once the health and administrative requirements have been confirmed, the financial allowance is paid starting from the first day of the month following the one in which the claim was made or, in exceptional cases, from the date indicated by the competent health authorities.

What am I entitled to?

For 2019 the sum of the pension is 285.66 euro and is paid in 13 monthly instalments. The personal annual income limit for 2018 is 4,906.72 euro.

In order to calculate the income requirement for the first payment, the interested party’s income for the current year is considered on a presumptive basis. For subsequent years, the income received in the calendar year in question is considered for pension calculations, whilst for other types of income, the amounts received in previous years are taken into account.

In special income conditions, the allowance amount may be increased, according to what has been established by law, on a monthly basis (the so-called social increase).


The monthly allowance is granted in accordance with the fulfilment of the following requirements:

  • recognition of a disability percentage between 74% and 99%;
  • state of financial need, namely an income that does not exceed the annually-established personal limits;
  • age between 18 and 66 years old and 7 months;
  • Italian citizenship;
  • registration with the civil registry of the municipality of residence for foreign EU citizens;
  • possession of a residence permit for at least one year as referred to in Article 41 TU Consolidated Immigration Act for non-EU foreign nationals legally residing in Italy, even if they do not have a long-term EC residence permit;
  • the individual must not be carrying out work activities (except in special cases);
  • possession of a permanent and regular residence within the national territory.

Disabled persons who have been recognised as having a physical or mental infirmity such as to cause a reduction in work capacity, with a percentage of between 74% and 99%, are entitled to the monthly assistance allowance.

The monthly allowance is incompatible with any other personal disability pension. The individual concerned may opt for the more favourable benefit, bearing in mind that, for the INPS, the waiver of one or the other is irrevocable. The only exception is represented by INAIL pensioners for whom the option does not involve a waiver of entitlement, but the suspension of the benefit payment.


The monthly allowance is incompatible with personal disability pensions (paid for whatever reason to employees and self-employed persons by the General Compulsory Insurance [AGO] and other Entities) and also with personal disability pensions caused by war, by work (INAIL) or on duty (and therefore also with the INAIL annuities). The individual concerned may opt for the most favourable benefit.

If the incompatibility situation becomes apparent after the grant of the monthly allowance, the disabled individual is obliged to inform the INPS, within 30 days, of the notification of the decision by which another institution grants them disabled pension benefits that are incompatible with the allowance.

When can I claim?

To receive the allowance, the disability must be confirmed in advance by means of a medical and legal assessment and the issuance of a health report.

It is therefore necessary to obtain an introductory medical certificate from a doctor including the read code, which should be entered in the health verification claim and sent to the INPS using the Legal disability - Procedures for confirming health requirements (InvCiv2010) service.

The confirmation process is complete after the INPS has sent out the legal disability report. This is sent either by registered mail with a return receipt or to a certified email (PEC) address (if provided by the applicant) and can be accessed via the online mailbox service.

Once the report has been received with recognition of the disability, the citizen must submit the AP70 form via the Legal disability - Send socio-economic and income data for the granting of financial allowances service.

For sending either the health verification claim or the confirmation of socio-economic requirements (form AP70), the citizen can independently use the online services available on the INPS portal, accessing them using their tax code and PIN or SPID (Public system for digital identification). Alternatively, applications can be made using telematic services offered by institutions for advice and social assistance.

How can I claim?

Once the introductory medical certificate and the read code have been obtained, the claim should be made to the INPS online by using the dedicated service.

Alternatively, claims can be made via institutions for advice and social assistance or via Italian organisations for the disabled (ANMIC, ENS, UIC, ANFASS) using their electronic services.

With the exception of claims made by cancer patients, it is not possible to submit a new claim for the same allowance until the current one has been completed, or, in the event of a judicial appeal, until the final judgement has been reached.