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Communication allowance - deaf people

Publication: 14/02/2022

The communication allowance is an economic benefit issued upon request to a person who has been acknowledged as having congenital or acquired deafness during growth.

The communication allowance is due to deaf people who request it regardless of age and income conditions.

Start date and duration

Once the health and administrative requirements established to be able to benefit from the economic benefits and the protections relating to deafness have been ascertained, the payment of benefits begins from the month following the submission of the application.

What am I entitled to?

The allowance is paid for twelve months. For 2019, the amount is Euro 256.89 per month.


Deaf people who meet the health and administrative requirements are entitled to the communication allowance:

  • up to 12 years of age people who are acknowledged as having a hearing loss equal to or greater than 60 decibels of Hearing Threshold Level (HTL) averaging between the frequencies 500, 1,000, 2,000 Hz in the best ear;
  • after 12 years of age, persons who are acknowledged as having a hearing loss equal to or greater than 75 decibels HTL and for whom the onset of hearing loss is proven before their twelfth birthday;
  • all deaf people regardless of age and income;
  • people with Italian citizenship;
  • foreign EU citizens listed at the registry office of their municipality of residence;
  • non-EU citizens holding a residence permit of at least one year pursuant to Article 41 of the Consolidate Immigration Act, even if they do not have a long-stay permit;
  • citizens with a permanent and regular residence within the national territory.

The allowance is compatible with the performance of work and, contrary to what is provided for civilian invalids, it is entirely due even if the applicant is hospitalised in an institution.

For children under 12 the communication allowance is incompatible with the child attendance allowance. Those who request it can choose the most favourable benefit between the two.

It is incompatible with war, work or service disability, but whoever requests it can choose the most favourable benefit.

It can be combined with the benefits granted as total civilian invalidity or civil blind (multi-disabled persons).

When can I claim?

Before applying, it is necessary to ask a GP to issue an introductory medical certificate.

From 25 June 2014, minors with a communication allowance who are of legal age will automatically be acknowledged as having a non-payable pension reserved for adults who are deaf. It is not necessary to submit an administrative application nor are further medical verifications required.

Upon reaching legal age, the submission of the AP70 form which certifies meeting the socio-economic requisites provided for by the law is mandatory.

Starting from 4 July 2009 (except for applications from aggravated cancer patients) a new application can be submitted if the previous procedure is no longer in progress or, in the event of a judicial appeal, if there is a final ruling.

How can I claim?

The application must be submitted to INPS on-line with the PIN and the mandatory identification code must be attached. In the event of a minor the PIN must be that of the child.

Alternatively, applications can be made through institutions for advice and social assistance or Italian organisations for the disabled (ANMIC, ENS, UIC, ANFASS) using their on-line services.

The confirmation process is complete after the INPS has sent out the legal disability report. This is sent either by registered mail with a acknowledgement of receipt or to a certified email (PEC) address if provided by the applicant and can be accessed through the on-line mailbox service.