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Ordinary invalidity allowance for people with reduced capability for work

Publication: 09/02/2022

The ordinary invalidity allowance is an economic benefit, paid upon claim, for those whose capability for work is reduced to less than a third due to mental or physical illness.

INPS grants ordinary invalidity allowances to the following categories of worker:

  • dependent workers;
  • the self-employed (artisans, traders, independent farmers, tenant farmers and sharecroppers);
  • members of the separate pension scheme.

Start date and duration

The ordinary invalidity allowance begins on the first day of the month following the one in which the claim is submitted, provided that all the health and administrative requirements have been met, and is valid for three years.

The beneficiary may claim renewal before the expiry date. After three consecutive approvals, the ordinary invalidity allowance is automatically granted, subject to review.

The payment of the allowance is compatible with the performance of work activity.

Upon reaching retirement age, and provided that all conditions are met, the ordinary invalidity allowance is automatically converted into an old-age pension.

What am I entitled to?

The amount of the ordinary invalidity allowance is determined using the mixed calculation system, which calculates one part using the payment system and another part using the contribution system. If the worker started working after 31st December 1995, only the contribution system is used.

Withdrawal of benefit

The allowance is valid for three years but can be renewed upon claim by the interested party.


People who, due to illness or physical or mental infirmity, have their capability to work reduced to less than one third and who have accrued at least 260 weekly contributions (five years of contribution and insurance) of which 156 (three years of contribution and insurance) occurred in the five years prior to the claim submission date, may claim the allowance.

Termination of work activity is not required.

Foreign contributions matured in European Union countries or in non-EU countries that have an agreement with Italy may also be used to obtain the right to the benefit. In this case, determining entitlement to an allowance can be carried out with the international totalisation of the Italian and foreign insurance periods. The sum of the allowance, on the other hand, is calculated in proportion to the contributions credited to the Italian insurance scheme, in accordance with the pro-rata criterion applicable to benefits under the international system.

How can I claim?

The claim must be submitted to INPS using the dedicated online service.

Alternatively, claims can be made by:

  • phoning the contact centre on +39 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones.
  • Telematic services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries thereof.

The medical certificate (SS3 form) must be attached to the claim.