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Request for contribution for severe physical impairment and serious illness for ex IPOST members

Publication: 09/02/2022

INPS recognises, subject to publication of an annual tender notice, a financial contribution to reimburse certain types of expenses attributable to severe physical impairment or serious illness of the beneficiary.

Dependent workers and pensioners of Poste Italiane SpA and ex IPOST dependent workers and pensioners registered with the ex IPOST fund scheme, as well as their spouses, civil partners, or children cohabitants or domiciled at specialised care and assistance facilities, can access the benefit.


The contribution is paid within the limits of the documented expenses and for an amount not exceeding €10,000 for each benefit.


The tender notice identifies mandatory methods and terms for submitting the necessary documentation to access the service.


The beneficiary's severe handicap condition is proven by a report attesting the application of art. 3, Law no. 104 of 5 February 1992. The condition of serious illness of the beneficiary is proven by a medical certificate attesting to the pathology suffered. The reimbursement of expenses is allowed on condition that these have not been reimbursed by the NHS, public or private institutes, private personal or business insurance.


The competition notice identifies the terms whereby to submit the claim to participate in the competition.


The claim must be submitted online to the INPS via the dedicated service under the terms indicated in the tender notice.

You can access the services offered by INPS using one of the accepted alternative authentication systems:

  • Public Digital Identity System (SPID);
  • Electronic Identity Card (CIE);
  • National services Card (CNS).

The supporting documentation, specifically indicated in the tender notice, must be submitted within the mandatory terms specified in the tender notice, by registered letter with return receipt or insured registered letter to the following address: Direzione centrale Credito, welfare e strutture sociali. Area Politiche di Assistenza e di Inclusione sociale per gli iscritti ai fondi di mutualità. Team Assistenza e Mutualità. Viale Aldo Ballarin 42. 00142 - Roma.