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Family allowance for those enrolled in the Separate Pension Scheme

Publication: 09/05/2022

This is an income support benefit dedicated to families of workers registered in the Separate Pension Scheme.

Para-subordinate and self-employed workers registered in the Separate Pension Scheme referred to in Article 2, paragraph 26, Law No. 335 of 8 August 1995, that are not enrolled in other mandatory pension schemes and are not retired.

The Family Unit Allowance (ANF), referred to in Article 2 of Decree-law No. 69 of 13 March 1988, converted, with amendments into Law No. 153 of 13 May 1988, is provided by the INPS to families of the aforementioned workers who claim them, made up by several people and with incomes included within a certain threshold. Starting from 1 January 1998, the benefit was also extended to those enrolled in the Separate Pension Scheme, as per Article 2, paragraph 26 of Law No. 335/1995.


The allowance is paid for the entire period which, for social security purposes, is covered by the specific contribution, including the additional contribution rate of 0.72%.


The amount of the allowance varies, as for employees, based on the number of members, the type and total income received by the unit itself, according to what is established in income tables published each year (INPS Circular No. 68 of 11 May 2018).

Periods worked may not coincide with the periods covered by the contribution. In fact, the crediting of contributions under the above INPS Pension Scheme takes place with effect from the month of January, or from the first month of registration in the case of new members, of the year in which the fees to which they refer were paid, regardless of when they have accrued.

To be entitled to the benefit, it is necessary for at least 70% of the total income of the household to derive from the activities mentioned in Article 2, paragraph 26, of Law No. 335/1995. In the case of a family unit with a mixed income composition, the 70% requirement is considered to have been achieved even with the sum of income from employment and income deriving from activities referred to in Article 2, paragraph 26, Law 335/1995, whether such income is earned by the two spouses / as part of a civil partnership or only by the applicant worker.

The family income taken into account for purposes of providing the ANF is that relating to the calendar year preceding the 1st July of each year. For example, if the claim was submitted on 1 February 2017, for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2016, the income to be taken into consideration shall be: the 2014 family income for benefits relating to the first half of 2016 (1 January - 30 June 2016) and the 2015 family income for benefits relating to the second half of 2016 (1 July - 31 December 2016).

The claim must be submitted exclusively through the dedicated on-line service, from 1 February of the year following the year in which the emoluments were paid. In the event of inclusion of family member (e.g. separated parents, disabled adult members, etc.) or for purposes of expanding the income threshold (e.g. disabled minor family member) it is necessary to attach the required documentation to the on-line claim for the ANF family allowance. If the claim is submitted for a previous period, any arrears due are paid for a maximum period of five years (five-year limitation period).