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Risks Fund: payment of the residual loan capital

Publication: 12/05/2022

The benefit consists of a refund of the principal share of the loans disbursed by banks and affiliated financial intermediaries to pensioners (ex INPDAP and INPS) if they have died before the loan was terminated and the premature insurance was guaranteed by the ex INDAP Social Security and Credit Fund (Risks Fund).

The refund is due to the banks and financial intermediaries that have agreed (pursuant to Article 8, ministerial decree no. 313 of 20 May 2016) which have granted a credit to pensioners registered in one of the social security schemes of the ex INPDAP or INPS and which guaranteed the insurance risk relating to the premature death of the ex INPDAP (Risk Fund). Loans subscribed after 31 May 2013 are not guaranteed by the Risks Fund and therefore, starting from 1 June 2013, the pensioner's premature risk cover is guaranteed exclusively by companies present on the market.

Banks and financial intermediaries must submit to the INPS online through the dedicated service, informations relating to the accident (death of the contractor, a secured loan during the course of amortisation secured by the Risks Fund) and all contractual documentation.

Once all the checks have been completed, including on the documentation submitted, the settlement of the residual capital guaranteed by the Credit Fund is ordered.

For further information, consult the user manual.

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