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Small loan for members enrolled in Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits

Publication: 12/05/2022

For daily family needs of the members enrolled in the Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits, the INPS grants small loans, within the limits of the available funds held annually by the INPS, to be repaid in constant instalments withheld on payment or pension.

Civil servants and pensioners enrolled in the Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits (Credit Fund) can apply for small loans.


The payment is made by crediting the postal or bank account indicated by the applicant, which for the pensioner corresponds to the IBAN already provided for the deposit of the pension.

The first instalment under the amortisation schedule is withheld starting from the second month following that when the sum was disbursed.

The small loan can be renewed after the minimum period of amortisation and payment of instalments, respectively:

  • six months for annual loans;
  • 12 months for two-year loans;
  • 18 months for three-year loans;
  • 24 months for four-year loans.

Early extinction of the loan can occur at any time with payment of the residual debt. The portion of the risk provision, equal to the period of reduction of the guarantee, will be reimbursed to the applicant in the calculation of the residual amount.

To submit a claim for early extinction of the loan, contact the Civil Servants' Pension Scheme: services for workers and pensioners, following the path: GDP services/by subject area - loan/claims.

In case of early voluntary extinction, a new small loan can be claimed only after the time period described above for the renewal has elapsed, calculated starting from the effective date of the loan extinguished in advance.

In case of renewal, INPS closes the current loan and recovers the residual debt, on the amount of the concession of the new small loan.

The death of the beneficiary of the loan or the absolute and permanent invalidity contracted during service and for reasons of service extinguishes any obligation towards the Credit Fund. The INPS does not act against the heirs for the remaining debt.

If the debtor passes to another public administration, for the continuation of the monthly withholding, the office that operates the deductions will communicate the loan data, the account of the withholdings made, and the payments made to the INPS.

In case of termination of service before the loan has been repaid, the effectiveness of this extends by right to the pension or other equivalent continuous allowance, which is transferred to the assignor as a result of the termination itself by the relevant administration or by institutes of pension or insurance in which the member was registered under the employment contract, based on the provisions of general or special laws, of workforce or contract regulations.

If the termination of the service, rather than a pension or other equivalent continuative allowance, effects the right to a sum as indemnity or insured capital at the expense of the administration or of a pension or insurance institution, this sum is held until the entire residual debt of the small loan is transferred.

If funds are not available with respect to the aforementioned indemnities, the residual debt must be paid directly by the obligor.


There can be claimed amounts equal to one, two, three or four net monthly payment or pension payments, repayable in 12 instalments (annual loans), 24 instalments (two-year loans), 36 instalments (three-year loans), or 48 instalments (four-year loans).

The small annual, two-year, three-year and four-year loans can also be claimed in double monthly instalments (two net payment or pension monthly for each amortisation year), up to eight months to be repaid in 48 months and only if the applicant has no other deductions in progress on the payment or pension, without prejudice to the fact that the deduction for small loan cannot exceed the transferable one fifth for the pensioner.

The gross amount of the loan is subject to:

  • a nominal annual interest rate of 4.25%;
  • a 0.50% rate for administrative expenses;
  • a risk fund premium applied by age bracket and duration of the loan, according to the table annexed to the last page of the loan regulation.

The loans must be repaid in 12, 24, 36 or 48 instalments, consisting of an interest and a capital portion.


The dependent worker of state administrations or local institutions must be registered with the Credit Fund and pay the contribution by deduction at a 0.35% rate from the pay slip. The other civil servants can access the small loan only if they enrolled in the Credit Fund by 31 May 2008 (decree of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance No. 45 of 7 March 2007 and subsequent amendments).

For civil servants under a fixed-term contract, the small loan is granted only for the duration of the years until the employment contract expires.

Pensioners former employees of public institutes are registered only if they submitted the claim to enrol in the Credit Fund upon submission of the retirement claim, in the terms and in the manner provided for by ministerial decree 45/2007, and subsequent amendments. The pensioner enrolled in the Credit Fund pays the contribution by deduction from the pension at a 0.15% rate.

For pensioners, former public officials, retired before the entry into force of ministerial decree 45/2007, the deadline for the claim to join the Credit Fund expired on 31 May 2008.


The claim must be submitted to the INPS online via the dedicated service (presidential decision no. 95 of 30 May 2012).

Members enrolled in the in-service Credit Fund submit the small loan claim to the relevant administration or, for those falling under the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, via the NOIPA system which transmits it electronically to the INPS.

Pensioners enrolled in the Credit Fund can submit their claim:

  • online to the INPS via the dedicated service.
  • by phoning the contact centre at 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or 06 164 164 from mobile phones;
  • by electronic services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries thereof.