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Allowance for workers who carry out activities related to the transit of ships in Venice

Publication: 08/09/2022

Article 1 of the decree of 16 November 2021 of the Ministry for Employment and Social Policies, in agreement with the Minister of Economy and Finance, provides for an all-inclusive allowance in favour of some categories of employees and self-employed, whose activity is connected to the transit of ships in the urban waterways of Venice.

The income support measure was introduced after these routes were declared a national monument, so that from 1 August 2021 the transit of ships with certain dimensional characteristics is prohibited.

The allowance shall be paid to:

  • fixed-term employees, including seasonal workers, who have involuntarily terminated their employment relationship between 1 August 2021 and 16 November 2021 and who have worked for at least 30 days in the period between 1 January 2019 and 31 July 2021;
  •  temporary workers, under the same conditions;
  • intermittent workers who have worked for at least 30 days between 1 January 2019 and 31 July 2021;
  • occasional self-employed workers, in activity between 1 January 2019 and 31 July 2021, not enrolled in other mandatory social security forms.

Among the activities affected by the allowance are the management of the port terminal, technical-nautical services for piloting, towing, mooring and berthing, the activities of customs shippers and companies operating in the logistics sector.

The allowance is not due to those who on 21 July 2021:

  • hold other income support measures (NASpI, DIS-COLL, ISCRO, income support payments);
  • hold an employment contract for an indefinite period, with the exception of an intermittent employment contract without entitlement to the allowance;
  • are pensioners, with the exception of the ordinary invalidity allowance.

The allowance consists of the amount of €2 thousand for 2021 in favour of workers whose activity is connected to the transit of ships in the urban waterways of the San Marco Basin, the San Marco Canal and the Giudecca Canal of Venice.

The service is compatible with:

  • Citizens’ income;
  • Emergency income;
  • disbursements deriving from internships and scholarships;
  • remuneration deriving from the performance of amateur sports activities and occasional self-employment.

For additional information, please see the INPS circular no. 54 of 29 April 2022.


To benefit from the allowance, potential beneficiaries must submit a claim to INPS only online by 30 June 2022, accessing through their credentials the channels dedicated to citizens and Patronage Institutes on the INPS website.

As an alternative to the web portal, the service can be requested through the integrated Contact Center service, by calling the freephone number 803 164 from landlines (free of charge) or the number 06 164164 from the mobile network (for a fee, according to the tariff applied by the different operators).

The deadline to define the decision was set at 30 days by the Regulation for the definition of the terms to conclude the administrative proceedings adopted by the INPS pursuant to article 2, Law 241/1990.

The table (pdf 205KB) attached to the Regulation shows both the deadlines for defining the decisions established by the Institute that are longer than the normal 30-day period, and the indication of the relative manager.