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Poste Italiane Group Mutuality Fund Subsidies

Publication: 20/05/2022

The Old Fund (Rest and Life Funds) and the New Mutuality Fund subsidies consist of contributions towards the cost of health care or proof of illness/recovery/death, as well as for spa thermal treatment or summer stays (only for those registered with the New Mutuality Fund). Below is the complete list of benefits regulated by the New Regulations for the provision of care services for those registered with the Old Funds (Rest and Life Funds) and the ex IPOST’s New Mutuality Fund:

  • health care benefits;
  • contribution for illness that led to hospitalisation;
  • contribution for chronic Illnesses in active phase;
  • contribution for prosthetics;
  • contribution for orthoses and aids;
  • contribution for glasses or contact lenses;
  • contribution for serious or rare Illnesses;
  • contribution for funerary costs.

The contributions for spa thermal treatments and summer stays, although provided for by the New Regulations, are regulated by the specific competition notice published annually on the INPS website.

Illness subsidies are intended for those registered with the Old Mutuality Fund (Rest Fund and Life Fund), the New Mutuality Fund and other categories such as, in the case of contributions for funerary costs, the widow(er) of the policy holder that has not contracted a new marriage, the surviving party of a civil union that has not made a new declaration to the registrar, or the orphan of the policy holder that was dependent on them at the time of death.

Claims for subsidies must be submitted digitally, no later than 180 days from the date of the event or documentation of costs: where the maximum amount to be granted is attained by separate acts of expenditure, the claim must be submitted within 180 days of the date of the last expenditure incurred.

For all other information relating to the New and Old Mutuality Subsidies – ex IPOST fund scheme - please refer to the New Regulations for the Provision of Care Benefits (PDF 4.70MB).

The claim may be submitted to the INPS online by using the dedicated service, subject to access with the PIN device provided by INPS.