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PA Value: participation of civil servants in university-provided training courses

Publication: 24/05/2022

The INPS has launched, on a trial basis, a procedure aimed at selecting and researching university training courses offered by Italian universities in collaboration with public or private entities.

The initiative, named PA Value (Public Authority Value), is funded by the Institute and provides for full and exclusive coverage of the cost of the courses.

The training courses are aimed at public administrations civil servants registered with the Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits and the Teachers and School Managers Assistance Management.

The identification of the participants in the courses accredited by the INPS is entirely the responsibility of the public administrations to which they belong, which identifies, based on the work carried out and in synergy with the universities and related subjects involved in the training initiative, those who will be able to benefit from the training activity the most, both for themselves and for the administration to which they belong; training that aims to generate a “value” for the system, hence the name chosen for the project.

The themes of the courses proposed by the universities and related subjects are identified in the context of general themes, taking into account the training needs expressed by all the administrations participating in the initiative.

The model aims to strengthen the network between public administrations with multi-stakeholder centres in the provision of welfare services, capable of making the best use of financial and organisational resources to simplify access to services and apply fairness and transparency.

Each course, entirely borne by the INPS, provides for 20 to 50 participants. If the number of potential participants in the training initiative is higher than the maximum number of places available, the Institute may ask the universities and related subjects to run several sets of the same course or to prepare a selective test, at the expense and care of the university, to identify the actual beneficiaries of the service with meritocratic criteria.

The courses may take place at the University, the public administrations involved or at the INPS, and employees identified by the administrations may only participate in the training courses provided in the region of service.

Teaching must develop knowledge, but must above all refine the use of professional tools and behaviours through project activities in the field and practical review tests in real situations, with testimonials and discussions of business cases.

Participants in the training initiative will be able to formulate, before the beginning of the course and in the manner indicated by the university, questions on the topics covered, which will then be the subject of in-depth study during the training course.

For the three months following the training, the lecturers will provide the course participants with advice and answer any questions on the issues addressed.

The list of participants in vocational training courses shall be published on the appropriate section on the INPS website, indicating to which course each participant is enrolled.