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School subsidy for orphans of those registered with the ex IPOST

Publication: 24/05/2022

INPS annually announces a competition for the award of school grants for enrolment and attendance of:

  • nurseries;
  • preschools;
  • primary schools (elementary);
  • lower secondary school (middle);
  • upper secondary school (higher middle),
  • university degree courses.

The measure is intended for orphans of Poste Italiane Group SpA dependent workers and of dependent workers of the ex IPOST, subject to a monthly deduction of 0.4% as referred to in Article 3, Law no. 208 of 27 March 1952, who died in active employment or in the same month as retirement.

What am I entitled to?

The subsidy amount is established in the competition notice and varies according to the ISEE indicator of the household to which the beneficiary belongs, as well as according to the type of subsidy claimed. In the case of an orphaned beneficiary who lost both parents, the amount of the benefit is the maximum amount provided for each type.

If, during the investigation, the system does not detect the submission of a valid DSU (Single Substitute Statement) at the date of the claim, or if the ISEE is invalid, the amount of the grant will be equal to that provided for the maximum ISEE indicator class.

In the event that the beneficiary has profited, for the same school or academic year, from other similar benefits provided by the INPS, the State or other public and private institutes, in Italy or abroad, of an amount less than that to which they would be entitled, the sum of the grant will be reduced by the corresponding amount.

When can I claim?

The closing dates for submitting a claim to take part in the competition are set out in the call for tender.

How can I claim?

The claim must be submitted to the INPS by completing the appropriate form GP04_ASS “Claim School subsidy in favour of orphans”, according to the directions in the call for tender.

The claim must include the IBAN code of the post office account or Italian bank account, of  the prepaid card authorised to receive bank transfers from public administrations, made out in the name of or jointly with the claimant for the benefit (surviving parents, guardian or adult student). Postal Booklets may not be credited.