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Summer camps: contributions for minors up to 14 years old

Publication: 24/05/2022

The INPS, through the Summer Camps call for tender, grants a contribution to either partially or completely cover the costs incurred by attending a daytime summer camp in Italy from June to September.

The tender is intended for minors aged between 3 and 14 years who are children or orphans (or those treated as such) of supervisors with, or retired from, public authorities and who are registered with the Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits or pensioners registered with the Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme (GDP).

The winners will be granted a contribution to cover either the total or partial cost incurred by participating in a summer camp for a period ranging from at least a week (five days) to a maximum of four weeks (20 days), even if they do not occur consecutively.

The contribution is granted on the basis of the ISEE value of the household to which the minor belongs. This is taken as a percentage of the lowest share between the maximum payable contribution, as laid down in the call for tender, and the weekly cost of the summer camp.

The summer camp must be organised by a single provider, and chosen by the applicant. The contribution shall cover the expenses connected with the expected recreational and sport activities, food (snacks and lunches), any excursions and anything else provided for in the programme, as well as insurance cover.

The stay must be aimed at the constructive direction of the young guests’ free time, and take place during the school summer break.

The summer camp must take place at a location that complies with health and safety regulations, that is accessible and handicap accessible, with a room suitable for the distribution and consumption of pre-packaged single-serving meals. The camp must also be equipped with furnished and accessible toilets, indoor premises, accessible green areas and first-aid facilities.

The summer camp’s organisational structure must include direction, educational and auxiliary staff, as well as staff who are responsible for the direction of young people with disabilities, and who meet the legal requirements for carrying out these functions.


Minors who will be aged between 3 and 14 years by 30 June may participate in the competition.

The summer camp contribution cannot be combined with the benefits in the “Estate INPSieme” tender.


The claim must be submitted within the time limits laid down in the call for tender.


The claim must be submitted to INPS digitally by using the “Welfare Claims in a click” service, which allows benefits to be claimed in a simplified form. It is sufficient, in fact, to claim the benefit by accepting the conditions laid down in the relevant notice. INPS will automatically verify that the requirements have been met in their databases or those of affiliated bodies.

In the “Browse claims” section of the reserved area, it will be possible to find out whether or not a claim has been accepted. In this case, it may be necessary to provide further information.

If the beneficiary is not present in the databases, it will first be necessary to register them using the “Access to welfare services” service, which makes it possible to view and update a personal data sheet, identifying family members as beneficiaries. The data will be acquired by the computer system and stored for future access.