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Summer stays (Estate INPSieme)

Publication: 24/05/2022

Every year INPS announces scholarships for summer vacation and study stays in Italy, lasting one or two weeks, and abroad, lasting two weeks.

It is an interesting opportunity in which various cultural activities, trips and, above all while being abroad, alternate with the study of a foreign language as well as recreational and sports events.

Young disabled persons are given the opportunity to avail themselves of continuous assistance by qualified personnel, with costs borne by the INPS.

The stays are open to children, orphans and those equivalent by law of beneficiaries enrolled in the ex IPOST Fund Scheme or in the Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits (ex Credit Fund).


To see the requirements, please check the specific tender in the section Call for tenders and Notices Credit and Welfare.

The applicant, at the time of submitting the claim, can submit the Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica (DSU, from its Italian initials or the “Single Substitute Statement”) to establish the ordinary ISEE or, in the case of unmarried parents and non-cohabitants, of the ISEE for minors.

When can I claim?

The terms for submitting the claim are established in the call for tenders.

How can I claim?

The claim to the INPS must be submitted on-line using the dedicated service. The menu of the area reserved for workers and pensioners enrolled in the Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme allows users to view the list of services in alphabetical order, by thematic area or type of service. Once the "Estate INPSieme" service and the "Type query" item have been selected, the form to be filled out will be displayed, in which the applicant’s identification data already appears.The claim will include mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses (email) in MyINPS area in order to allow and facilitate communications by the Institute. Pec addresses cannot be indicated. In order to receive communications it is necessary to authorise the INPS to use the contacts in the MyINPS area.