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Support for studying abroad (ITACA) for children of those registered with the Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits

Publication: 24/05/2022

The ITACA program is scholarship that fully or partially covers an academic stay abroad, organised and provided by third parties and paid by the INPS to the winner of the specialised call for tender.

The study abroad program is a service dedicated to children and orphans of those registered with the Credit Fund (as a result of Ministerial Decree 45/07) or of pensioners of the Civil Servants' Pension Scheme.

The places are assigned through a call for tender that shall be published in Call for tenders and Notices Credit and Welfare.

The INPS offers students the opportunity to carry out the whole or part of an academic year studying in a school in a foreign country.

The period spent at the foreign Institute is recognised according to the current regulatory and ministerial provisions.

The stay includes the costs of:

  • housing with families, boarding schools or academic residences;
  • any entry visas;
  • travel and transfer from the airport of arrival to the place of destination, including airport taxes;
  • board during the whole stay, including use of the school canteen;
  • local public transport;
  • insurance cover.

The contribution borne by the user varies in relation to their ISEE and may not exceed the maximum amount provided for in the tender.


Youths, when applying, must be registered in the second or third year of upper secondary school and must not be held back in their school career.

When can I claim?

The claim must be submitted within the time limits laid down in the call for tender.

How can I claim?

Before fulling out and submitting the online claim it is important to ensure that:

  • you are registered with the database;
  • have a PIN;
  • your PC is correctly configured.

Some people, even though they are entitled to apply, are not recognised by the digital system because they have no institutional relationship with the INPS' Civil Servants' Pension Scheme or cannot be classified as applicants (surviving parent of a child of a policy holder or a pensioner, guardian of a child of a policy holder or a pensioner, or a minor student). In this case, they should complete the form claiming registration in the database, to be delivered directly to the competent INPS office according to the young beneficiary's residence.

Alternatively, the form can be submitted by:

  • certified email (PEC);
  • non-certified email, also including a copy of an identity document in attachment;
  • registered letter with return receipt, including a copy of an identity document;
  • fax, including a copy of the identity document.

Addresses, fax numbers and email addresses are available in the Contacts.

After the rankings of those admitted with reservation have been published, the applicant to the benefit must submit all documentation required by the call for tender through the INPS website online and by using the dedicated service.

The claim must be submitted by the individual claiming the service to the INPS exclusively online, with their login details, through the dedicated service.