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Cancellation of artisans

Publication: 09/03/2022

The artisan entrepreneurs must cancel or transfer their activity through the Single Notice, to be presented to the Register of Artisan Companies, in order to meet all administrative requirements for the Register of companies and for INPS for social security and welfare purposes.

The Single Notice is compulsory for:

  • individual enterprises;
  • family businesses;
  • partnerships (SAS and SNC);
  • limited companies (SRL single-member and joint-member).

From 01 April 2010, in order to simplify administrative procedures, the registration system “Single Notice for the establishment of a company” (ComUnica) has been set up. Companies operating in regions that have implemented the ComUnica IT procedure are required to use this tool. Otherwise, the procedure currently in use shall remain operational.

The Single Notice shall be presented online or on an IT support to the Register of Artisan Companies (Section AA) both for the start-up of a business activity and for its modification or cancellation.

In the event of cancellation, the Single Notice is required in order to update the following information in the commercial register archives:

  • termination of business;
  • termination of the company;
  • termination of the shareholder’s office.