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Change in traders data

Publication: 09/03/2022

Trade entrepreneurs must modify the data relating to their activity with the Single Communication, to be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce in order to fulfil all the administrative formalities required for the Register of Companies, for the INPS' social security purposes, and for the issuance of the tax code and VAT number.

Use of the Single Notice is compulsory for:

  • sole proprietorships;
  • family businesses;
  • partnerships (SAS and SNC)
  • companies with share capital (single-member and multi-member SRL - limited liability companies).

The Single Notice shall be submitted online or in electronic format to the Chamber of Commerce either for the starting of a business or for its modification or termination.

In the event of a change in activity, the Single Notice is required to update the following information in the Register of Companies' archives:

  • change of company address;
  • change in the address of residence of the owner or member;
  • change in the personal data of the owner or member;
  • change in legal form;
  • change in the activity carried out.