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International Marine Welfare fund

Publication: 09/03/2022

Shipowners and shipping agents can submit the monthly contributory data of Italian maritime workers embarked on foreign ships and Italian pilots who carry out services in foreign waters.

The following are users of the service:

  • shipowners, or in other words employers of the maritime sector;
  • maritime advisers, authorised by the shipowners;
  • employment consultants, authorised by the shipowners.

In order for the shipowner or maritime agent to obtain the PIN code, he/she must submit the claim to the relevant INPS office. After verifying the formal correctness of the claim and the identity of the applicant, the INPS office will record the information on the claim form and will issue the PIN by selecting the user class "Shipowner / Shipping Agent" and finally deliver the numbered closed envelope containing the PIN.

Through the special service, the shipowner or agent can therefore forward the file with the data on employee welfare, including the PDF of payment of contributions.

For additional information, please see INPS circular No. 57 of 10 April 2013.