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Membership of the Credit Fund (Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits)

Publication: 08/09/2022

The terms for joining the Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits, also known as the Credit Fund, have been reopened. By clicking on “Access the online service” you can apply for membership.

The Credit Fund provides members with many credit and welfare benefits, such as:

  • mortgages and loans at preferential rates;
  • support for training and education from primary school to university master’s degrees;
  • health and prevention;
  • benefits for seniors and persons who are not self-sufficient;
  • active employment policies;
  • residential hospitality;
  • study trips and summer wellness trips.

These benefits can be accessed by taking part in calls for tender which can be accessed by all members of the Fund who meet the specified requirements. More information on the benefits provided can be found on the “Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits (Credit Fund)” page.

Civil servants and pensioners who, on 1 January 2020, were not already enrolled may apply for membership of the Credit Fund. In particular, the following may join:

  • pensioners, formerly civil servants, who benefit from pensions paid by the following funds of the Special Pension Scheme of Public Administration Civil Servants: Civil Servants' Pension Fund (CTPS), Local Authority Employee Pension Fund (CPDEL), Pension Fund for Nursery Teachers and Officially Recognised Schools (CPI), Judicial Officers' Pension Fund (CPUG), Health Workers' Pension Fund (CPS). It also includes pensioners who, subsequent to the privatisation of their employer entity, have maintained their membership in one of these pension funds, as well as non-commissioned officers in the auxiliary staff who benefit from a provisional pension scheme paid for by the Ministry of Defence;
  • pensioners of public institutions and administrations who do not benefit from pensions under the Special Pension Scheme of Public Administration Civil Servants, but rather under schemes or special funds other than the aforementioned public pension funds (for example, FPLD, INPGI, ENPAM);
  • civil servants not enrolled in pension funds or funds (ex ENPAS or ex INADEL) for end-of-service treatment of the Special Pension Scheme of Public Administration Employees.

The Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits is a Fund established in 1996 to finance credit, welfare and training benefits reserved for serving or retired civil servants, through a deduction applied to the economic sums they receive.

The deduction that is applied is equal to 0.35% of the salary for workers in permanent service and 0.15% for pensioners. If the pension is less than or equal to the minimum pension payable by the Employees’ Pension Fund, no contribution shall be required.

Article 1, paragraph 483, of Law no. 160 of 27 December 2019 reopened the terms for joining the Fund.

Membership provides civil servants and pensioners with access to benefits for credit, welfare, health protection, study support and entry into the world of work, in support of families, young people and the seniors at all stages of working, family and social life.

The benefits are entirely self-financed with the contribution paid by the members and with the reinvestment of the proceeds from credit activities: no cost is borne by the State.

In the Brochure section you can view all the information material dedicated to the benefits that are available to members of the Fund.


A claim for joining the Credit Fund can be submitted from 20 August 2021 to 20 February 2022.


The claim can only be submitted online, through the dedicated service accessed from this page.

The service, which can be accessed by using one’s credentials, provides the following features:

  • “New claim”, which allows the claim to be acquired;
  • “View claim”, which allows you to view the submitted claim and export it in PDF format;
  • “View claim process”, which allows you to view the progress of an ongoing administrative process.

The procedures are illustrated in message no. 2883 of 12 August 2021.

For details on the service, please refer to the attached manual (pdf 869KB).

To submit a claim, the applicant needs to be registered in the INPS master database and have one of the currently accepted alternative authentication systems:

  • Public Digital Identity System (SPID);
  • Electronic Identity Card (CIE);
  • National Services Card (CNS).

The claim can also be submitted through the online services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries of the INPS.

You can call the contact centre on 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or on +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones to receive information and assistance with submitting a claim.