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PSMSAD Fund Literary Award

Publication: 08/09/2022

The INPS, through the PSMSAD Fund (Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Writers and Dramatic Authors), annually announces a competition to award unreleased texts in Italian.

The com

petition is open to all citizens of Italy and of European Union countries of legal age.

In t

he second quarter of each year, a competition tender is launched, which can be consulted on the website in the New Tender sect


A theme is identified each time, inspired by the social values of the Institute, to which the entries must be direct



competition is divided into three sections which correspond to three priz


  • novel;
  • collection of sto
  • ries;
  • playwright.

Each candidate may compete for one section only. The texts must be unpublished, never staged and never awarded in other literary competition


The amount of the contribution, the methods of disbursement and the deadline for the submission of the documents are indicated in the call for tende


The works are examined by a selection board and, in the case of large amounts, by a committee of readers


The names of the winners are published on the institutional website in the section dedicated to the tender. A public award ceremony is also held.



All Italian and European Union citizens of legal age may participate in the competition.




application must be sent, by the deadline stated in the competition announcement, to the INPS (Direzione centrale Credito, welfare e Strutture sociali, viale Aldo Ballarin, 42 - 00142 Rome)


All the

instructions, also with reference to the maximum length, the font to be used and the sending methods, are illustrated in the competition tender.